Review of Netflix ‘To the Bone’  

Note – This post due to nature of the film will discuss behaviours that will be triggering and I would advise if you read this as an ED sufferer, dependant on where you are in your recovery you consider this before reading. Also -spoiler alerts! Like many in the recovery community I had been awaiting… Continue reading Review of Netflix ‘To the Bone’  

Anxiety- What made me a ‘grass’ at 10.

For some reason I seem to be seeing a lot articles and links on social media at the moment about anxiety and so begins blog number 5! Being anxious is a perfectly normal feeling when a person feels under pressure in some way. A feeling that for many usually passes once the stressor is removed… Continue reading Anxiety- What made me a ‘grass’ at 10.

Stigma and Mental Health

There has been a lot of focus in the media recently about mental health. Prince Harry opened up in an interview about how not dealing with his mothers death when young led to long lasting mental health issues that he eventually had to seek help for. Now my feelings about the monarchy aside, any conversation… Continue reading Stigma and Mental Health